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TRY Yoga

Opportunities to practice TRY Yoga

TRY yoga is a style I developed inspired by my former teachers “maintenance yoga” classes, by stretch therapy, with trauma informed agency ques given. I always aim for participants to feel safe, comfortable, and challenged if they choose to be. Because my background is yoga therapy, energy awareness, and stretch therapy, I also aim to offer relief! Relief from stress, physical, mental, and emotional.

Chair Yoga

Opportunities to practice Chair Yoga

I have been teaching chair yoga for 10 years!! Every time I take a vacation, my body misses it. Over the years I have developed many sequences to utilize literally every body part, so that they keep working!! The common request in chair yoga is “head to toe” and we get it all. Sometimes, we don’t have control over certain body parts, but we still benefit from thinking about it, and strengthening that mind body connection. Chair yoga has helped students maintain their ability to shoulder check when driving, increase pain tolerance, to exercise with degenerative disease or any limitation. That is my favorite thing about chair yoga, anyone can do it, and any one will benefit from it:) 

Gentle Yoga

Opportunities to practice Gentle Yoga 


Suitable for students comfortable with balance, and getting up and down to the floor smoothly. We will work on a variety of yoga exercises, to create a balance between strength and flexibility, and with confidence so you can practice at home safely.

Thrive Yoga

Opportunities to practice Thrive Yoga




A movement based class inspired by the LYT method. Every class begins with a reset to stabilize our core and then we move into a challenging alignment focused flow. This class will improve posture over time, increase energy and leave you feeling empowered!

Yoga for youth

This is a summer yoga retreat for all abilities! We will practice strengthening and stretching exercises, relaxation techniques, concentration and breathing. Yoga can benefit athletes to manage or prevent injuries, and for any teen dealing with stress, anxiety, sleep problems, or intense moods, yoga can be a great self-regulating tool.

  • 115352 M-F Jul 15-19 1-4pm 5/$72
  • 115353 M-F Aug 12-16 1-4pm 5/$72
Contact me for more info.

A class designed for young people who are seriously interested in yoga and its benefits. Designed to teach them strength, flexibility and body awareness.How to heal and prevent injuries, and tools to cope with issues like anxiety, insomnia and lack of focus. Most appropriate for students aged 9-14 years old.

Private Sessions

A Private is a customizable, educational movement experience.
Get one on one attention and feedback on your practice by booking a private session with Tessa. Fine tune your alignment, set a goal to work towards, integrate your injury, or just build the depth of your understanding with movement in your own body.

  • $125 per hour
  • 3 sessions for $300

Policies & Procedures

In the spirit of fairness and mutual respect Tessa Rae Yoga kindly ask that you adhere to the following.

  • Try not to eat for two hours before class.
  • It is most beneficial to drink water after class to help flush out toxins, and optimize health.
  • Please do not come to class if you are sick and contagious.
  • Please avoid wearing strong perfumes when coming to class.
  • Please arrive no later than 5 minutes early for class.
  • If you arrive late, please be as quiet as possible when entering the room.
  • Keep in mind that everybody is in class for a different reason.
  • Please be respectful of people wanting a quiet space.
  • Questions about your body or the practice are always ok when directed at the teacher.
  • Payment for the term is due on the 1st of the month or the 1st class of the month.
  • Late payments will be charged a $10 “Late Payment Fee”.
  • Refunds or credits will not be issued for missed classes of a series.
  • To make up for missed classes students are welcome to attend any regular public class offered by Tessa Rae Yoga (if there’s space), within a three month time frame. 
  • 100% payment is needed to hold a spot.
  • Tessa Rae Yoga will provide a 100% refund for workshops cancelled by the organizer. (Tessa Rae Yoga will notify registrants a minimum of 48 hours prior to the workshop start time.)
  • If a registrant cancels a workshop with more than 48 hours notice, a refund or credit will be issued minus a 25% admin fee.
  • If a registrant cancels with less than 48 hours notice or does not show up, no refund will be issued.

Unexpected circumstances might keep you from coming to class despite your best intentions. That’s just the way life is sometimes. In the event that you incur or suffer a hardship where adherence to the outlined policies is impossible, please contact me directly to discuss the matter. Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.