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How a yoga membership transformed my body and practice

“The Key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts” -Marianne Williamson

During the Pandemic while yoga classes were shut down, I participated in an Iyengar style scheduled weekly zoom class and adapted to practicing at home with my teacher, Ty Chandler on a screen. Otherwise, I carried on with an inconsistent home practice that fluctuated between being amazing and regretfully not enough. I wasn’t happy with how my body felt overall physically or energetically, and that reflected mentally and emotionally as well as in my teaching I am sure.

Then almost a year ago, I joined an online 200 hour teacher training program with Lara Heiman where I had access to 10 classes, 1 class per week of training. We were encouraged to practice each class at least 3 times a week. When I finished the training, I bought a one year subscription to her online studio.

This was the beginning of something beautiful. I fell in love with my teacher, and I had a huge library of classes ranging in class length available at my convenience. I was so inspired by the way I was feeling (energized, getting stronger, hungry to learn more) that I found time almost every day to prioritize my practice. Sometimes an hour class and sometimes just 20 minutes, but I could practice exactly when and where I needed to to make it happen.

I developed discipline. This is something I have always struggled with. I would clean my whole house, walk my dog, make the phone call, get ready, and scroll on social media, before my yoga practice. Then wouldn’t have time. Somehow, perhaps knowing how long the class was, helped me to time slot my practice into my life. Discipline is a practice, we aren’t just born with it. Like a muscle, it is a habit that is strengthened (or weakened) over time. The more I was rewarded with the good feelings of practice, the more disciplined I was to do it again.

I became consistent. Rewarded with progressive strength, visible muscle tone, energy all day, improving posture, and getting closer and closer to handstand holds!! I would literally finish a class and look for, and look forward to my next practice.

My body changed. I got stronger, my posture improved tremendously, my core is the strongest its ever been. Yes it’s cool that visibly my arms are stronger and my mid back has straightened out… but what’s really cool is how I can stand in a line up and integrate my core so that I am feeling empowered in my body rather than aching and heavy. When you practice consistently with a teacher who instructs in a way that has you learning alignment and why it’s important, it becomes a part of how you exist!

I have a healthy tool to integrate anxious energy. When I am feeling off, there’s so little thought or decision making necessary… I find the class I have time for and move that energy.

I started taking better care of myself overall. Like a domino effect, I was meeting my physical and energetic needs with my yoga practice, and creating space to witness whatever was coming up on my mat. I now have a chiropractor, acupuncturist/somatic body worker, counsellor and naturopath, to support me as needed.

I have more confidence! With a strong core comes stability in many ways. I am a more confidant teacher, friend, and empowered woman overall. Just like on my mat, I can adapt to change in my body position and in life circumstances.

Yoga is a very powerful and transformative practice on its own, and it teaches that what we experience on our mat influences the rest of our life. I am so grateful for the experience that an unlimited library with a teacher I love and trust has brought to me. I hope this read inspires you to consider what a guided home practice can do for you!

Thanks for taking the time to read:)


2 thoughts on “How a yoga membership transformed my body and practice”

  1. That’s a great story of discovery and learned experiences.
    It makes me feel so happy that your continued development of your practice has led you to finding new meaning in your learning process and how that gets passed on to your students. It reminds me of my belief that a teacher and instructor of yoga with continued learning from self discovery and reaching out to further ones understanding of the breadth of yoga practice, is so vital. Your interest in self care and the discipline to enhance further appreciation of yoga and overall health is what makes your classes so special and provides seemingly unlimited posses and unique approaches to a yoga practice keeping attendance interested, engaged and challenged to be better and appreciate the process. Thank you for being there for us, your students, and growing. We are truely lucky to have such a dedicated individual leading us in our own discovery of health and well being…

    1. Thankyou so much or taking the time to read my blog and share your experience and perspective! Your words are truly heart warming:)

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