Thrive Yoga

This is the newest class I offer, inspired by the LYT method which was my 3rd teacher training (completed in 2021). 

Personally in my own practice I was finding that I was craving something that more resembled what I was teaching. I wondered if I was holding my students back, or if my teaching more beginner or gentle styles were holding my practice back. Then I found Lara Heiman, a physical therapist who developed a vinyasa style and I fell in love!! A playful and creative flow backed by safe and functional alignment. YES PLEASE!

The LYT method was exactly what I was looking for. Lara is a teacher who practices what she teaches, offers agency to students, challenges students to question the limits they place on themselves, has the education and experience to work with anyone, and taught herself handstand in her 40s!! The way she teaches movement and yoga philosophy resonates deeply with me. She is incredibly inspiring and has the perfect cocktail of my values to take my teaching and practice to the next level.

So I completed the teacher training and started THRIVE for my students. The inspiration for this class is the concept of thriving rather than just surviving and going through the motions on and off the mat. What I have experienced in my own practice is exactly that, a feeling of thriving with so much energy!!! I have never been so aware of my posture. My core is stronger than ever before. I am more driven, more confidant, more grounded. This is just the few benefits that come to mind with practicing this style consistently since 2021.

Thrive is a bridge between what I have been teaching and what I personally practice. I wanted to ease my students into something more vigorous and detailed (and fun!!). It’s a big change!!

Like change, challenge can be uncomfortable, but we show up and navigate through it. Over time we get stronger, more adaptive, more empowered, and more aligned. My Yoga therapy and advanced personal practice experience are still relevant as we break down what needs to be understood in depth, but otherwise we flow!

Try Yoga Blurb

I have witnessed beautiful shifts in my students in a very short period of time. I notice improved balance, accumulative learning in movement, and a more joyful energy in the room!

So what is it?! We start each class with the foundation of core. Activating the glutes which support the pelvis at the root of our spine. And then activating our core system which supports our centre, from which all movement stems out from. There is the developmental sun salutation that has us practicing integrity while getting up and down from the floor:

  • Tadasana has the scapula lifting rather then drawing down to support functional movement of the shoulders.
  • Standing forward fold is done with a straight spine and neutral neck.
  • Half kneel replaces a crescent lunge to keep our hips safe and core integrated in hip extension.
  • Plank has the wrists in alignment so that the scapula can engage on the ribcage and we can draw energy from the floor rather than feel heavy. 
  • Cobra is low, with full core awareness, thoracic extension and heads of the humorous centred in the shoulder joint.
  • Downward dog is shorter. With emphasis on getting the hips higher rather than dumping into shoulders and the rib cage.

Then we move in an adaptable and organic way! Sometimes there is a focus, something we are learning, and sometimes we are just playfully moving. Core is the foundation and the possibilities are endless!! The class always flies by and it feels like such an accomplishment at the end.

I would love to invite you to join the family and TRY yoga with me.

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